Is it permissible for a person in a non-Islamic country to consider the tax which he pays to his government as their religious dues?
Q1. Now, my question is that, if an individual lives in a western country where it is obligatory on each citizen to pay taxes every year. After having paid the taxes to the respective Western country's govt. will that individual still have to pay the Islamic payables such as Zakat, and Khums? Q2. If the individual is still required to pay the above mentioned Islamic levies to a representative of Imam, then has the Imam earned any recognition from the Western countries to have the levies be considered as "tax deductibles"? Q3. If the Islamic levies are not considered "tax deductibles", and an individual finds the Islamic Taxes, and Western Government taxes to be very extraordinarily excessive amount of money to pay, then what's the ruling for that? Or is it possible for Imam to reduce the percentage of the Islamic levies? The answers will be greatly appreciated.


Grand Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani (may Allah grant him long life):


1- Paying tax to a non-Islamic country does not relieve a person of the obligation to pay Khums or Zakat.


2 – In case you pay an amount of your money or income as tax, Khums will not be payable on the paid money [the money paid as taxt].


3-If it is difficult for you to pay Khums or Zakat at once, you can enter a compromise with your Mujtahid or his representative in the sense that he will allow you to pay your religious dues in installments.


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